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Flesh Vector- Mastered Flesh Vector- Mastered

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Not really my cup of tea. I can tell just by listening to the soft-synths used that you used FLStudio. It's not really too professional from my point of view.

Can you play a keyboard, or real instrument besides the stereotypical guitar? If you can then I'd be a lot more happy with this, but it sounds pretty much point and click with a mouse, and lacks any <i>real</i> musical talent.

If you have a keyboard or something, you can most certainly send me an AIM message under Slim100004. I'll help you out the best I can to make more... melodic stuff.

DomesticTerrorist responds:

Softsynths are not from FL studio, I only use it as a sequencer. You obviously have no musical talent yourself, considering I just listened to your music and it was fucking horrible. If you were some music god, I might respect your criticism, but in reality you are just another zerovoting try-hard faggot that has no business trashing my music.

And for your info, I play guitar, bass, and piano better then you ever can.

I've been the big star musician before kid, now its not metal but electronica. So go fuck yourself.